How Mix and Match Works ?

How Do Mix and Match Work?

Everything of the same is boring. That’s why there’s a good set-up recipe called “Mix & Match” that means mixing things to make something new and unique.

Anyone who thinks about designer furniture does not immediately think of the mix & match style. And yet, mixing individual pieces does the design area well.

Mix & Match is a wonderful way to naturally grow and replenish and change the decor. There is no need for designer furniture – sometimes a visit to the Brockenhaus is enough. A Trouvaille made of the same can, for example, with synthetic resin paint to a new great piece that fits perfectly. The trendy Australian interior designer and fabric designer Anna Spiro masters this style wonderfully and elegantly.

For small things like home accessories, Mix & Match is almost natural. What that looks like with big furniture, shows this living room, discovered on « My Domaine.» Unique pieces, different styles, and colors, different carpets, a patchwork screen – all come together harmoniously in an eclectic and personal way.

Like a picture of Matisse, it shows a happy, still life with flowers, vases, lamps, pictures, and cushions. Very different patterns have been mixed, support each other and convey a sunny, summery mood. (Picture above: Rough Luxe Perspective )

How to mix patterns, of course, knows the renowned French textile house, Pierre Frey. Collections are designed so that the individual fabrics are independent, but also combinable. In the summer you can see different fabrics from the collections ” Jungle ” and ” Maya.”

Another nice example from the apartment of interior decorator Anna Spiro. It shows how the mixing of different fabrics on a sofa can look like. The two pieces of furniture are completely different and yet fit together.



A completely different style of living, but the same mix – and – match principle: different colored and similar Eames chairs have taken their place around this large dining room table. For that to fit, the table also shows color. A patterned carpet, pastel-colored walls and lots of art bring everything together in a pop-sunny style of living.

In this dining room, discovered on the blog ” Gorgeous shiny things,” every chair is completely different. Daring mixing makes every chair look like an art object. Underneath the table, like a college, lie various rugs and make sure that the arrangement comes naturally.

Mix & Match is an important trend on the table. It allows the mixing of different dishes, glasses, cutlery, and table linen. That helps because you do not have to have huge services of all, and of course, it brings a lot of variety and personality to the table.

Not only on the table is mixed; Also different home accessories, like here a group of vases, look together strong. Styling: Marianne Kohler Nizamuddin Photo: Bruno Mancia

Also in the laundry area, Mix & Match works splendidly. How elegant a bed can look even with different bedding and decorative pillows, shows in this example, the Zurich furniture store.

Finally, we go back to the motley, stylish design world of Patrizia Urquiola and Moroso. It shows that living and furnishing are a game. Mix & Match is something like Domino: You start with a stone, look for the next one that is immediately different, and thus continue the game.

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